About The creative connection

THE CREATIVES is a grouping of ten experienced, award-winning film & television production companies from Europe and beyond who share a passion for stories relevant to the world we live in. THE CREATIVES are pleased to announce the launch of THE CREATIVE CONNECTION, a new series of innovative, experimental, interdisciplinary brainstorming & pre-writing workshops, supported by the European Commission and set to take place across Europe in 2023.

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION is immediately opening a first call for writers who wish to expand their capacities, step outside the bounding box of the working routine, and envision the new possible futures of storytelling. Which stories deserve to be told ? How can we discover new forms or narratives that genuinely touch the audience? What changes to the creative process does this entail ?

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION is not a typical writer’s or project development workshop. 16 selected writers will form a collective together with the 10 members of THE CREATIVES, aimed at combining their experience and curiosity to break the boundaries of « common practice » – and reaching towards more meaningful writing and storytelling for the screen. In response to the constant pressure screenwriters face to get projects greenlit and produced, THE CREATIVE CONNECTION’s ambition is to explore possibilities beyond this conventional framework, allowing writers a more open space to dream and reflect.

With this open starting point, THE CREATIVE CONNECTION further aims to strengthen the ties and nature of the relationship between producers and writers through this sharing of inspiration, knowledge and expertise. In sharing the workshops’ collective experience, the writers and producers will also learn from each other, evolving their perspectives on the future of screenwriting and the possibilities for the medium.

In the first workshop, the collective will commit to leaving their comfort zone by engaging with experts from different fields of research – technology, environmental studies, artificial intelligence, art, philosophy or genetics – as they widen the approach to story conception and development through these formal and informal interdisciplinary exchanges. In the second workshop, a complementary approach will be taken through the collaboration of our trusted partner, LE GROUPE OUEST.

We believe that this experience of collective inspiration can provide an essential building block to enhance the work of both writers and producers, resulting in screenplays that raise the bar of quality and ambition, defending unique voices and bringing meaningful stories to passionate audiences.

The three workshops take place over the course of 2023 and aim to build on each other. Without being oriented to the delivery of a specific « final product », they are driven by the desire to create and reach for something new. Although the workshops are not project-based, they provide a unique opportunity for writers to make the most of the dedicated time and space given, to dig deeper into themes and conflicts that bring depth and meaning to their stories.

Please see below for further information on THE CREATIVE CONNECTION.

Workshop Schedule :

WORKSHOP 1 at Abbaye de Royaumont in France

January 16-20, 2023 (5 days)

"PRE-WRITING" in Athens

In partnership with Le Groupe Ouest
Late March, 2023 (5 days)

"WRITERS’ RESIDENCE" in Berlin Brandenburg region

Mid-June, 2023 (5 days)